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The 75 cheapest, most clever gifts on Amazon that’ll impress the hell out of people

The 75 cheapest, most clever gifts on Amazon that’ll impress the hell out of people


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Gifting season is upon us and, while there’s nothing wrong with going the way of the gift card or the unexciting (but safe) pair of socks, they’ll hardly impress. And there are so many clever and cheap gifts on Amazon that will genuinely have your friends, family, or coworkers with their jaws on the floor. From meat-cleaving claws that make quick work for any griller to a genius bowl that keeps your cereal from getting soggy, there’s something here for everyone. Here are some of Amazon’s cheapest, and most clever gifts that will genuinely impress anyone in your life — you’ve got this.


A paracord handle for water bottles

Everyone has a stack of water bottles, at this point. What they don’t have is a great way to carry them through the day. This paracord handle solves that need. It attaches securely to the neck of wide-mouth bottles and adds a handle, compass, fire starter, and carabiner to your essential daily rig.


A cold-brewer in the form of a mason jar

Whip up a batch of cold-brew coffee in this mason jar iced coffee maker and enjoy that liquid energy without going to a cafe or spending too much money. A stainless steel filter fits perfectly into the jar and a pop-top lid makes it easy to pour yourself a cold one. “Makes an awesome gift because it doesn’t matter which they enjoy, coffee or tea,” said one reviewer. “Gift it with a bag of hibiscus or coffee beans ground for cold brew.”


This strange foot peel mask

Skip the gift card to the spa. This at-home pedicure — in the form of the strangest foot peel mask ever — will be more fun. It’s easy to use. Just wear the mask-soaked socks for an hour, then shower off the mask and wait. In about two weeks those feet will start peeling. The peeling is so dramatic and bizarre, that many reviewers post photos. It’s a strange journey. But the results, they say, are worth it. It comes in 11 scents. “So awesome and kinda gross/strange at the same time,” said one reviewer.


A leather & aluminum mouse pad

Skip the quick-to-get-dingy neoprene and upgrade someone’s mousing rig to this slick aluminum mouse pad. It looks high-tech and elegant on your desk, travels well, and cleans easily. And it’s great for mousing on a soft surface like a bed or couch. The underside is a leather-like surface that’s also a great mousing texture. It’s available in five colors.


The best way to snack on a road trip

When you are flying down the freeway, snacking on fries or nuggets, you don’t want to have to clamp the condiments between your legs. That will end badly. This dip clip attaches to the air vents, holds the condiment packs you get from most fast-food places, and keeps that tasty sauce within easy reach. “These were meant to be a gag gift,” said one reviewer. “But let’s just say more were bought by multiple people.”


A grill press for smashing burgers & panini

Elevate your grilled burgers by pressing them with this iron grill press and they cook to remove extra fats and deliver a delicious burger. The press is big and heavy and the wooden handle keeps hands safe. It’s perfect for pressing panini sandwiches, too. “[Gets the] burgers thin like Five Guys and it leaves such a beautiful crust on the patty every time,” said one reviewer. “He loves it!!!! Great gift!!!”


This insulated coffee mug for endless beverages

Whether you drink beer, Biergarten-stein-style, or sip a big, hot-for-hours cup of coffee out of them, these stainless steel insulated coffee mugs will make your beverage better. Don’t worry about forgetting to drink your drink because you got caught up in a task, it will be there — hot or cold — when you remember it.


A TP holder for the road

Just because you are camping, you don’t have to rough it. Carry your TP along in this clever toilet paper holder so you can one-handed dispense from anywhere you happen to be. Just hang the holder from a hook thread the paper through the delivery slot, and pull.


A better brown bag for lunches

If you like to brown bag your lunch, you can save a lot of paper, prevent leaks, and upgrade your style with this waxed lunch bag. It looks like a paper bag but is made of waxed canvas, which means you can use it for years. It wipes clean and the top stays rolled down if you hold it in a warm hand for a moment. “A gift for my boss who always packs his lunch in a plastic shopping bag,” said one reviewer. “It was meant to be funny but this bag is awesome. My husband asked for one!”


This clip-on hook for headphones

Don’t let your headphones litter up your desktop or get lost in the fray. This headset hook creates a place for them — within easy reach — so that they will be out of your way. An integrated cord clip keeps the charging cord (or wire) handy. Just clamp the hook to any shelf or your desktop.


The cure for tea bags falling in the hot water

If you know a devoted tea drinker, they likely have this pet peeve: The tea bag string falls into the hot water so they have to burn a finger to retrieve it. This tea bag holder solves that by holding the string while the tea steeps. Even better, when they lift it off of the cup, it brings the tea bag with it and serves as a drip tray for it.


A trash can for the car

Know someone with a perpetually messy car? Don’t judge. Buy them this car trash can. Once they have a place to put all that trash, it will seem like a miracle that the car doesn’t get messy. This bin holds 4 gallons of trash, comes with 20 liners (and works with grocery bags), and has pockets on the sides for sundries and spare bags. It’s waterproof, too.


These dry bags for people who love the water

Kayakers, divers, ocean rats, boaters, or anyone who can’t get enough water, are always want for handy dry bags to keep a dry towel, a change of clothes, or electronics from getting wet. This waterproof dry bag comes in three sizes and three colors so you can create a custom gift that they will take on all those watery outings.


A cuticle cream with hot spring minerals

This cuticle cream is transformative. A few drops work wonders on dry and cracking skin around the nails, and even promote nail growth. It soaks in, delivering Japanese hot spring minerals and seaweed as well as aloe and vitamin E to dry skin and weak nails while the rich emollients leave your skin hydrated and soft. “This cuticle serum made a big overnight improvement in my nails,” said one reviewer. “I ordered [more] to give away as a gift.”


The smart way to microwave bacon

Who doesn’t love bacon? Though no one loves cleaning the stove after cooking it. This bacon grill is a game-changer. Just line the bacon strips on the ridged surface and microwave it. As the bacon cooks, the grease drips into the tray below. The bacon comes out perfectly and the grease pours easily into a container for later use. Best yet, the grill goes into the dishwasher.


A ring light for looking better on camera

Anyone who spends any time on camera — taking selfies or videos or participating in video calls — needs this ring light. On camera, good lighting is your friend. And this is the easy way to get it without changing the room. Just clip it over the camera and choose the light, daylight, white, or warm, that looks best. No more harsh shadows or backlighting that makes the camera struggle and refocus.


These hooks for carrying bags in the car

Instead of dropping bags onto the bag seat or listening as they fly around in the trunk, attach these headrest hooks to the back of the front seats and hook all your bags there. They give you a place in the car for your purse, grocery bags, backpacks, and whatever else you need to transport. They come in lots of colors and this is a pack of four.


These giant claws that tear through meat

Anyone who grills or is a master of the art of shredded meats will love this upgrade to their tool kit. These metal meat claws are so much better at shredding meat than two standard forks that you will be gifting them time, energy, and hands that don’t hurt. “Instead of fighting with the lump of meaty deliciousness and burning the crap out of yourself, get a set of these and make it a nothing burger!” said one reviewer.


A ping-pong game for any table

This ping-pong set turns any table into a game table. Clamp the net onto the table. Hand your partner a paddle. And play. It comes in a zip-up case to keep all the parts together and includes four balls. “The net stays nice and tight and it clamped perfectly onto the dining table,” said one reviewer. “The only problem is I can no longer use our dining room table for actually eating!”


A great pair of gardening gloves

Everyone who gardens — indoors or out — needs gardening gloves. And these bamboo ones with rubber-reinforced palms are the pair they want. They are stretchy and form-fitting. They breathe so your hands don’t sweat yet they keep your fingers and palms safe from all the sharp and biting things.


This bottle that infuses your water with flavor

Staying hydrated does not mean you have to down boring water all day. This water bottle makes it easy to infuse your water with herbs or fruits. The internal filter keeps the infusions separate from the water so it’s easy to dump and replace it as you go through life.


The cargo nets that cling to the car’s interior

These mesh cargo nets are like pockets for your car. The one-sided hook-and-loop on the back side grips the carpet in your trunk or hatchback area to hold the items you keep stored in the car still and out of the way. They are easy to install and solve a universal problem.


A document clip for your monitor

Reading a document while typing data into a computer is a (literal) pain in the neck if you keep having to look back and forth. This document clip holds that piece of paper where you can look at it easily — in line with your monitor. It swings out when you need it and back again for storage. It mounts with 3M adhesive.


These unbreakable wine glasses

Not only are these wine glasses pretty and pleasant to hold but they are also unbreakable so you can take them to outdoor events, the pool, the beach, and camping. They come in 16 colors in packs of four. “[They] hold a nice amount of wine and are easy to wash,” said one reviewer. “They look very expensive and make an excellent gift.”


A wireless phone charger

Once you go wireless you will never go back, which is why this wireless charger makes an excellent gift. No one wants to struggle to find a tiny plug on their phone and fit a minuscule plug into it. With this on the bedside table, they never have to do that again. It lights up, briefly, so you know it is connected, then goes dark while it charges your phone. It comes in six colors.


The ladle that’s also a sea monster

Schedule a Nessie sighting in the kitchen by bringing this Nessie Ladle Spoon into your tool kit. It stands quietly on the counter or swims mysteriously through your soup or stew, depending on the day’s kitchen events. “I got this as a gift and I love it,” said one reviewer. “I would buy this as a gift for someone.”


A better way to cut pizza

Make cutting through all the toppings and crisp crust of your bake-at-home pizza super easy with this slicer knife. It’s long enough that you get a straight line through the pie. Rock it back and forth to get a perfectly sliced pizza. It comes with a blade cover so you can store it in a drawer.


A sweater collection for your beer

If beer cans get Koozies, why can’t the beer bottle drinkers have this zip-up beer bottle jacket? Like a turtleneck for your bottle, it stops it from dripping condensation on the furniture, keeps the beer cold, and makes your drink look like an international spy. It comes in nine colors.


These gym towels that pack small & dry fast

Free up some space in your gym bag or camping kit by switching the towels for this set of three quick-dry towels. They are thin and packable but absorb an enormous amount of water. And they are microfiber so they also dry quickly. The set includes a hand towel, hair towel, and bath sheet, all packed into a mesh bag. It comes in eight colors.


These clever cable ties you will use for everything

These magnetic twist ties are billed as a way to keep cords organized. And they are great at that. They wrap around wires and grab together magnetically to keep them bundled. But they also stick to the fridge to hold a pen or other items there. They can be used as curtain holdbacks, plant ties, and more. Once you have them in hand, you will find a million other uses for them.


A small speaker with big sound

Is it possible to have too many handy, wireless Bluetooth speakers? Not when they are as small and colorful as this one. It is the perfect gift. “[Got] this as a thank you gift,” said one reviewer. “He totally loves it!!! Good sound… pretty loud… cheap…. cute…. I will definitely be buying a few more just to have around as an “uh-oh I forgot to get a gift” gift.”


The taco stand for your kitchen

Don’t let taco night become a jumbled mess. Set those tacos in this taco holder stand so everything stays where you want it while you focus on what you are eating. This is a set of six stainless steel racks, each one holds three tacos. “I purchased these as a gift for a friend who makes tacos quite often and they loved it!” said one reviewer.


This bib for shaving

If the aftermath of shaving is turning into a problem, this beard bib will help you avoid the entire issue. Clip it around your neck, suction two corners to the mirror, and it will catch all your whiskers as they fall so there is no cleanup. All you do is shake the mess into the trash and put away your gear.


A better meat thermometer

A good meat thermometer is a kitchen essential but, oddly, few people own one that is reliable and easy to use. This one will remedy that situation. Open the probe, insert it into the food, and the big, digital readout accurately tells you the internet temperature. An internal magnet makes it easy to store on the fridge and a hold button lets you bring the screen to your eyes rather than putting your face close to the heat.


This pocket that fixes that seat gap

Ever dropped your phone or keys in the gap between your car seat and the console? That can turn into a lengthy and annoying search into the black hole down there. Save your friends from a similar fate by giving them these car seat gap organizers. They fill the gap with a handy pocket for keeping sunglasses or spare change handy.


A laptop stand to prevent tech neck

Anyone who works on a laptop needs to be careful not to develop a painful case of “tech neck.” This laptop stand is a great solution. It elevates the screen to eye level and looks great on a desk. The open design also allows for airflow around the machine, which stops heat from building up and damaging components.


This wristband that holds your tools

Anyone who works with tools will appreciate this magnetic wristband that holds all the nails, screws, bolts, and small parts right on your wrist so you don’t have to climb down the ladder to grab what you need. “He took it to work super excited to try,” said one reviewer who gave it as a gift. “When he came home, it was still attached.”


A headband with headphones to wear 24/7

This headband is the sort of gift your recipient will wear 24 hours a day. It holds your hair back while playing music right to your ears. It’s perfect for catching sweat while running or working out — while keeping you motivated with music. And, when it’s difficult to sleep, pull it over your eyes, queue up some restful sounds, and let it block out distractions.


This neck light that’s like 2 hands-free flashlights

Readers, people who work on cars or are otherwise handy, and crafty types all love this neck reading light that throws two beams of light directly at whatever they need to see. Each beam can be aimed and dimmed separately and you can choose the color of light you prefer.


A magnifying desk lamp

This desk magnifier is the perfect gift for anyone who works on small, hard-to-see projects. Six LED lights illuminate an object while magnifying it to eight times its size. When not using it to magnify, it can also serve as a desk light. “I bought this as a gift for a coin collector who was having difficulty making out details in older coins he found,” said one reviewer. “He is very pleased.”


A glass rimmer for a complete bar

Make every party a little bit better for someone on your guest list by enabling salt- and sugar-rimmed cocktails. This glass rimmer has a sponge dish for dampening the rim and swing-out dishes to hold the tasty spice concoctions. Close it all up and it keeps the spices fresh to save time on the party prep next time.


This telescoping flashlight that picks things up

Everyone on your list needs this magnetic pickup tool in their life. The telescoping gooseneck handle reaches 22 inches. There is a flashlight on the business end so you can see what you dropped into that dark crevice. And that light is magnetic so it will retrieve that item (as long as it will stick to a magnet.) Even the handle end is magnetic so you can stick it to something and use it as a work light.


These adorable cable clips

Cable clips have become a necessity in modern times. But these cute cable clips elevate this everyday essential to cartoonishly whimsical heights by looking like puffy hands. This is a six-pack and it makes the perfect small gift for anyone.


A ramen bowl that looks like a ramen cup

You might like to eat your ramen from a real mug but you don’t have to give up the classic look of the disposable ramen package. This ramen bowl embraces that classic design and makes it solid in a washable mug with a handle. It’s large enough to hold two packs of ramen and comes with a ceramic lid. “Bought this for my daughter who is a Ramen enthusiast, lol, and she absolutely loves it,” said one reviewer.


This clever way to carry your phone while running

The eternal dilemma of where to stash keys, phone, and a credit card while out for a run is finally solved by this buddy pouch. Stick one side into a waistband and let the other hang on your hip. It’s like a pocket that you can attach to any pair of shorts, pants, or leggings. “The perfect way to keep track of a phone when you want to be hands-free,” said one reviewer. “Buying as a gift for everyone I know!”


These geese that hold things for you

Forget the key bowl! Set this family of geese on the entryway table and toss your keys at them instead. This goose key holder is magnetic and will hold onto them for you. It will also hold pens, paper clips, or anything else that’s metal. It comes in six colors.


An easy way to sharpen your knives

Everyone who cooks loves a sharp knife. But they are so fleeting! This knife sharpener puts a beautifully honed blade within easy reach, every day. Suction it to the counter and drag your blade through the sharpening slot. The sharpness is back!


This bamboo tea thermos

Every tea lover in your life will love this elegant bamboo thermos that allows them to brew tea on the run. It looks beautiful and has a steeping strainer that fits neatly into it. The exterior is bamboo but the interior is insulated stainless steel and will keep tea warm or cold for hours.


This mat that transports puzzles

Know someone who loves jigsaw puzzles? They are certain to love this roll-up puzzle mat then. Simply assemble the puzzle on top of the mat. When you need that table for another purpose or want to take the puzzle with you for some reason, roll it up — over the inflatable tube — to transport it safely.


A bigger cup holder for your car

You can stop searching for the biggest bottle that will still fit in the cup holder of your car. This cup holder expander will make any bottle fit. Drop it into the cup holder. It will grip firmly, replacing your small cup holder with this huge one. Flexible flaps allow it to hold a wide variety of bottles.


A cocktail shaker set to complete the bar

No bar is complete without a cocktail shaker set so this one makes the perfect gift for someone just building up a bar at home. It covers all the basics. It has a shaker, strainer, and jigger and it looks pretty on the bar. “It was such a good gift I got one for myself,” said one reviewer.


A better way to relax with a book or tablet

There is nothing like crawling into bed or collapsing on the couch after a long day and pulling up some entertainment — a good book, a movie, or your favorite comic — and relaxing. Until your hand goes numb from holding the tablet or book. This pillow stand will hold it for you, at exactly the right angle, in your lap. If you get tired, it also works as a pillow and there are pockets in the back to hold chargers and pens.


This pancake batter dispenser

Making pancakes does not have to be messy. This pancake batter dispenser lets you quickly mix up some batter and grill up some tasty deliciousness without dirtying all your tools. Measures are printed on the jar so you mix right into it. Then pull the trigger to dispense the perfect dollop of pancake batter onto the grill. It’s great for cupcakes, muffins, and many other creations, too.


A burrito blanket that’s so soft

This is the joke gift that everyone wants. When you wrap up in this deliciously soft burrito blanket, you will look so tasty and be so comfortable. Or choose the pizza or waffle options. There are 10 styles and five sizes. “Bought this as a gift for my best friend, and it’s actually quite big and very soft,” said one reviewer. “Funny but cozy.”


These ice trays that make big cubes & spheres

Big ice cubes make an otherwise boring drink special. And these ice cube trays are the necessary tool for creating those big cubes or spheres. The flexible silicone makes it easy to get the ice out of them and they are compact enough to keep in the freezer at all times. They are the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys sipping whiskey or creating craft cocktails.


This clever wine storage system

You don’t need a wine cellar to amass a wine collection. This wine holder turns any shelf or tabletop into a wine storage area, keeping the wine in the right position till you are ready to sip. This is a four-pack of holders that stack so you can build your collection as you go.


A pickle fork in a holster

Sometimes solving the small hassles in someone’s life is the best gift. And everyone who loves pickles or olives is annoyed at the choice between sticking fingers into cold condiment liquid or dirtying a fork to retrieve the prize. This condiment fork loops around the jar and lives in the side holster, always ready to go in and grab a treat.


The easy way to store an avocado

Avocados are delicate creatures, turning brown within hours if exposed to air. This avocado keeper makes it possible to use half of an avocado without having to toss the rest. Store the remaining half cut side down and it will be green when you want to use it.


These coasters for the car

This car cup coaster is not only a decorative element for the car’s interior but it is surprisingly useful, keeping the cupholder clean and dry. These four coasters lift out easily to clean and bring a pop of color to the car. “No more issues with stuff getting caked into my cup holders with these!” said one reviewer. “Sturdy and easy to pop back out to rinse off.”


A table that clips to your armchair

You don’t need to clutter up the living room just to have a place to set your drink. This armrest tray table clamps onto the arm of your favorite armchair or couch and holds a drink, remote, or phone. It’s sturdy, decorative, and keeps your gear close enough so you can kick back and relax.


This monster colander

Useful? Check. Adorable? Yes! This monster colander is the perfect gift, ticking all the necessary boxes. It will make your recipient smile and be a helpful asset in the kitchen. “Bought this as a gift for my husband,” said one reviewer. “Once we stopped laughing, I took it off my head and placed it in the dishwasher. We’ve already used it several times. Multi-purpose and functional!”


A set of reusable baking cups

Once you upgrade your baking friends to these reusable silicone baking cups, they will wonder why they ever endured the paper ones. These are nonstick so they peel easily away from cupcakes and muffins. And then they go in the dishwasher to use again another day. “These work so well,” said one reviewer. “Muffins fall out easily and completely so there are only a few crumbs to rinse out. So pleased [I] have purchased extras to give as gifts.”


This cooler bag for better picnics

Every picnic will be stylish and complete once you have this insulated cooler bag in your kit. The big, easy-to-grab handle makes it easy to haul the snacks while the leak-proof lining and insulation keep it safe and cool. It folds flat for storage so you can keep it in the car for carting groceries on a hot day.


The burger holder that won’t drip on you

There are people who avoid burgers because they don’t want to wear the drippings on their clothes. These hamburger holders keep the crumbs, condiments, and sauces with the burger so this isn’t an issue. “Can sit and eat a burger without wrapping a napkin around the bottom to catch sauce which ends up a soggy mess,” said one reviewer. “Works on sandwiches too!”


A rearview mirror that sees it all

Snap this wide-angle reirview mirror onto the mirror you already have in the car and expand what you can see behind you. It lets you see more of the road and more of the back seat, making it the perfect gift for anyone who drives — especially with kids in the back seat. “This was so easy to install in my brother’s minivan,” said one reviewer. “It almost completely eliminated the blind spots. It’s great value[…] I’m going to gift it to other family members as well.”


This vegetable chopper that does all the work

Eliminate the drudgery of meal prep for someone on your gift list by wrapping this vegetable chopper for them. It dices an onion in a few movements, turns an entire cucumber into ribbons in seconds, spiralizes, and more. “I’ve now bought this several times as a gift because I love it so much,” said one reviewer. “It saves so much time while cooking.”


These reusable mesh produce bags

These mesh produce bags are so much better than the fussy plastic ones in the grocery store that you will be tucking them into gift baskets forever more. The checkout scanner can see through them. You can store produce in them in the fridge and it won’t rot. And they go right into the wash for cleanup. This is a set of 15.


These rice molds for making musubi

Empower your people to whip up some delicious musubi whenever the mood strikes with this rice mold kit. Three molds — and a rice paddle — turn rice into cute, finger-food shapes that instantly make ordinary meals fun. “I can’t believe it took me this long to realize how easy it could be to make musubi and onigiri!” said one reviewer. “As soon as I got mine, I immediately bought another one as a gift.”


A camping pillow that’s deliciously comfy

Going camping, or on long car or plane rides, does not have to include uncomfortable sleep. This camping pillow may be small and packable — squishing into a tiny, waterproof stuff sack (included) — but it expands into the delicious comfort of a memory foam pillow. “I used it on a multi-day camp and my neck felt great in the mornings,” said one reviewer.


This spatula that looks like a cat

Help boost the whimsy in the kitchen of all your favorite people with this nylon turner that is shaped like a cat. It won’t damage nonstick pans but it will look up at you, with cute whiskers and happy kitty eyes, as you flip eggs or make a stir fry. “I bought this as a joke for my husband and it has turned out to be a great spatula,” said one reviewer. “It’s very thin and slides underneath almost anything, we use it all the time.”


A pair of T-Rex chopsticks

This dinosaur isn’t here to eat you, it’s ready to teach kids — and other chopstick novices — how to eat with chopsticks. T-Rex’s jaws chomp as you pick up and eat your food. “My father-in-law has recently discovered sushi, but he hates chopsticks,” reported one reviewer. “I got this more as a gag gift but he takes them every time he goes out for sushi.”


A set of pretty plant pots

Turn a collection of little succulents into a beautiful window display with this six-pack of succulent plant pots. They would make a great gift for someone with a succulent obsession — offering pretty homes for the greenery. Or pot a plant in each one and turn $20 into six charming gifts.


This modern mess kit

Tin mess kits may have been the thing in the last World War but camping in modern times is all about collapsable silicone and this mess kit has all the latest. A bowl and plate combo has a tight-sealing lid that the collapsable mug stashes in. A deluxe, nested, expandable spork and spoon tool attaches to the lid. And it’s all microwave and dishwasher safe. Choose from three colors.


The bowl for cereal lovers who enjoy crunch

There are two kinds of people. One of them hates soggy cereal. This cereal bowl is the perfect gift for that kind. Pour the cereal into one side and the milk into the other and consume at leisure, adding only as much cereal to the milk as you can eat before it gets mushy.


This decorative storage for coffee pods

Turn those coffee pods into a decorative display in this coffee pod holder that looks like a giant coffee mug. Just dump them all in and let that colorful foil packaging brighten your space while making it easy to locate the brew you want. The metal mug lets you see your entire collection and a felt-covered base is gentle and quiet on counters.

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