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65 cool gifts under $30 on Amazon that won’t make you look cheap

65 cool gifts under $30 on Amazon that won’t make you look cheap

Consider yourself covered for birthdays and holidays.




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When you’re an amazing gift-giver, your family and friends take notice; being thoughtful about the presents you choose can show the people in your life how much you care. However, you don’t want to spend a fortune on birthdays and anniversaries each year, so it’s important to have a list of amazing gifts ready that won’t break the bank. Each gift on this list may cost less than $30 but is worth way more in cool points.


This wall-mount jewelry organizer that will put your entire collection on display

This wall-mount jewelry organizer makes it easier than ever to put your whole collection on display. It’s made of solid wood, which gives it a rustic feel, and it keeps your favorite pieces from knotting or tangling. Its removable bar is best for bracelets, bangles, and watches, and its smaller hooks are great for hanging necklaces.


This sleek recipe book for creative chefs

Give this sleek recipe book to creative chefs who need somewhere to jot down their concoctions. At the front of the book, you’ll find a cooking glossary and measurement table to help you make the most out of every recipe. You’ll also receive three colorful ribbon bookmarks, which you can use to find your place again if you step away for a second.


A windproof travel umbrella that holds up in perilous conditions

Through rain, snow, and sleet, this windproof travel umbrella holds up in perilous weather conditions. With a premium frame made of fiberglass and stainless steel, it’ll resist wind at speeds up to 55 miles per hour. Its portable size makes it easy to tote from place to place, but it’s still large enough to give you just the right amount of coverage.


This powerful pocket microscope with bright LED lights

This powerful pocket microscope attaches to backpacks and lanyards with its built-in keychain, so you can take a closer look while you’re on the go. It’s equipped with a powerful LED light that illuminates the object of your curiosity, and its focus knob helps you zoom in and out. It’s an especially great choice for inquisitive kids who don’t want to wait until science class to start exploring.


These 8-in-1 pens that do so much more than write

Give the wannabe spy in your life these eight-in-one pens, which do so much more than write. Each pen is equipped with an LED light, an accurate ruler, a bottle opener, a screwdriver, and even more tools that can help streamline your daily life. With a robust aluminum material and two included ink refills, you’ll be more than prepared for international espionage (or just a day at the office).


These freshness-saver balls that’ll increase the life of your produce

Protect your produce with these freshness-saver balls, and you won’t have to prematurely throw away your farmer’s market haul. Here’s how they work: produce naturally emits ethylene gas, which these balls absorb, so fruits and veggies will last up to three times longer. Just place one of the included packets in each produce saver and toss it into your fridge or fruit bowl for maximum freshness.


An adjustable bidet attachment you can install without a plumber

You can install this adjustable bidet attachment without the help of a plumber, so it’s a great choice for home improvement amateurs and experts alike. It’s made of a durable plastic that won’t rust over time, and its easy-access control dial lets you customize its flow to your preferences. You’ll receive all the accessories you need for a seamless installation with your purchase, and its sliding mounting paddles allow it to fit any toilet.


These intergalactic chopsticks inspired by your favorite film series

These intergalactic chopsticks make an amazing gift for the Star Wars fanatic in your life. You’ll love their whimsical design, which features bright blue and red LED lights for a futuristic dinner experience, and their splinter-free blades, which are incredibly easy to clean. Simply press their light-up buttons to turn them on and off, and when they’re in need of a little extra juice, you can replace their LR41 camera batteries.


This hilarious tortilla wrap blanket to keep you toasty

Stay toasty (pun intended) with this hilarious tortilla wrap blanket. Its unique design will have you laughing out loud while you snuggle on the couch in its soft, warm flannel material. Its lightweight fabric is breathable enough to keep you from overheating, and when it’s in need of a wash, simply toss it in the machine on laundry day.


A personal humidifier for maximum comfort in dry environments

For maximum comfort in dry environments, this personal humidifier does the trick. It’s equipped with two mist modes (continuous and intermittent), so you can customize the humidity levels in your room with the utmost ease. Because it’s incredibly lightweight and portable, you can take it to and from the office to breathe a little more easily while you work — it’ll even fit in your car cup holder.


These oil pastel pencils in every color of the rainbow for the budding artist

These oil pastel pencils come in every color of the rainbow, making them a thoughtful choice for visual artists and creative types. Each pencil features an innovative oil-based core, which makes for brighter pigmentation, increased durability, and flawless layering. When you buy, you’ll receive 48 vibrant colors, which you can mix and match to bring your masterpieces to life.


This fun coffee mug you can customize with building bricks

Customize this fun coffee mug with building bricks for a burst of joy in the morning. Each mug comes with two random toys and one mini figure, which you can use to build cool structures and enact kooky scenarios, all before your first bite of breakfast. It’ll hold hot beverages with temperatures of up to 100 degrees Celsius, so you can use it with coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. That said, it’s not microwave-friendly, but it’s still a lot more fun than your standard mug.


This whimsical candle that looks just like a bowl of cereal

This whimsical candle will delight snack enthusiasts since it looks just like a bowl of cereal. Its adorable design and delicious vanilla scent make it a sweet decoration that smells just as good as it looks. Plus, it’s made of natural soy wax that burns for hours on end, so candle lovers will be absolutely obsessed. It comes in three different cereal varieties.


These traveler coffee mugs with double-wall insulation

These coffee mugs are specifically designed with double-walled insulation, so they’ll maintain the temperature of your favorite beverage (caffeinated or not) for hours. They’re vacuum-sealed to prevent leaks and spills, and their ergonomic handles comfortably fit four fingers without any strain. Plus, they’ll fit beautifully in car cup holders, so you can sip while you’re on the go.


These vinyl record coasters for music enthusiasts

Music enthusiasts will absolutely adore these vinyl record coasters, which protect surfaces in a quirky way. Each coaster is made of actual vinyl, which resists rust, stains, and scratches for long-term use, and features a nonslip design that prevents slips and spills. When you buy, you’ll receive six coasters, so you can keep one or two in every room of the house.


This classic lazy Susan made of sturdy bamboo

This classic lazy Susan is a dinner party mainstay for a reason, especially considering that it rotates 360 degrees for extremely easy access. Whether you’re making a delicious charcuterie board full of your favorite hors d’oeuvres or storing and organizing your spice collection, it’s a reliable favorite at a budget-friendly price point. It supports up to 25 pounds, giving it a wide range of uses.


A heat-resistant utensil rest shaped like a charming crab

With its charming crab shape, this heat-resistant utensil rest will steal the show the next time you cook. It’s made of food-grade silicone that’s BPA-free, so it won’t rust or chip, even after years of use. As a bonus, you can pop it in between your pot and its lid to release steam while you cook rice, pasta, and anything else that requires a hotter temperature.


This candle warmer lamp for sweet scents without the flame

For sweet scents without any potentially dangerous flames, pick up this candle warmer lamp. It uses thermal energy to melt candles slowly and evenly, which distributes fragrances throughout your space with efficiency. Simply adjust its height to accommodate your candle, and its oak base with a nonslip pad will hold it securely in place.


This food flipper & meat hook for a more efficient barbecue

This food flipper and meat hook makes for a more efficient barbecue experience. You’ll be able to flip, grip, and grab food without marking it up or losing any delicious juices, and its pigtail design makes it easier than ever to turn roasts in the oven or slow cooker. You’ll appreciate its stainless steel build, which makes cleaning a breeze, and its comfortable handle, which gives you a firm grip on your food.


This woven cotton basket that’s great for blankets & linens

The great part about this cotton rope basket is the fact that it’s so versatile, and can be used to store almost anything. It’s especially great for guest towels and linens if you’re hosting a friend, or as a way to store your blanket collection next to your couch and fireplace for cozy nights in. If you’re a parent, it’s also an excellent place to store toys. Measuring in at 22 inches by 22 inches, it comes in 13 great shades to best match your home decor. You’ll especially love its subtle side handles, which help you move it from room to room with ease.


This lightweight book lamp to keep reading into the wee hours of the night

Keep reading into the wee hours of the night with this lightweight book lamp. With 10 intentionally-placed LED lights, it casts a bright, even glow across the pages of your new favorite read, and you can adjust its brightness level to your preferences. You’ll also appreciate its USB-C charging port, which means you won’t have to replace disposable batteries in the middle of an especially riveting chapter.


These metal meat claws that are essential for pulled pork

Home chefs will want to reach for these metal meat claws at their next barbecue. They’re designed with a bear claw shape that makes for easy shredding, and their strong stainless steel material tears through meats of every texture with ease. Plus, each claw features a textured handle with a nonslip grip, so you can carry them from place to place without the hassle. They’ve also earned an impressive score of 4.7 out of five stars on Amazon.


A digital kitchen scale for increased accuracy while you cook

For increased accuracy while you cook, invest in this digital kitchen scale, which weighs up to 11 pounds with precise results. Perfect for bakers, its sleek and compact design takes up very little space in your kitchen, making it super easy to store in drawers, cabinets, or even on countertops. You can buy it in one of six colors to best match your decor.


This bedside storage organizer to keep your essentials within reach

Keep your book, phone, and TV remote close at hand with this bedside storage organizer. Just insert the leather flap between your mattress and bed frame for an installation process that’s astonishingly simple. That way, you’ll have an extra storage solution that takes up zero additional space on your desk or bedside table, making it a great choice for apartment or dorm dwellers.


This electric juicer you can use when life gives you lemons

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade with this electric juicer. It’s unbelievably easy to use, and it’ll hold up to 34 ounces of juice at once; its large measurement markings help you keep track of how much you have. Slide the pulp control dial to the left or right, and watch as the pulp collects in the strainer for easy disposal. “For fresh orange juice, lemonade, etc. I don’t think this can be beat,” raved one five-star reviewer.


This hydrating & plumping lip oil with a smooth finish

This hydrating lip oil features a smooth finish that isn’t sticky in the slightest. With nourishing ingredients like apple water and mint extract, it moisturizes and softens lips while creating a plumping effect. Plus, its pointed doe foot applicator makes the application process incredibly simple. Over 7,500 Amazon customers gave this oil a five-star rating.


A digital coin bank that tells you how much money you have

This digital coin bank turns the loose change at the bottom of your bag into an extra cushion for your bank account. Its clear LCD screen accurately displays the amount of money you’ve stored so far, and it accepts all US coins, from pennies to dollar coins and everything in between. If you’d like to manually adjust the total on the screen, just use the plus and minus buttons on the cover, which work especially well for larger deposits and withdrawals.


This macrame mirror with a stylish geometric shape

With its stylish geometric shape, this macrame mirror is a stunning piece for anyone who loves a unique accessory. It’s just as functional as it is stylish since its high-quality mirror lets you see your reflection with clarity. Hang it in your living room to impress guests or your bedroom for a low-maintenance piece that goes with everything.


These sweet refrigerator magnets shaped like sushi

Use these sweet refrigerator magnets to put your favorite photos and holiday cards on display. When you buy, you’ll receive eight magnets with hyperrealistic designs, which you can stick onto fridges and whiteboards to keep reminders within your line of sight. These make an especially great gift for foodies who are always on the hunt for their new favorite sushi restaurant.


A stainless steel cocktail shaker set with a ton of helpful tools included

This stainless steel cocktail shaker set comes with all the tools you need to brew your favorite beverages. When you buy, you’ll receive a large shaker with a built-in strainer and a small jigger, all of which are fully rust and leakproof. Whether you prefer a martini, a mojito, or a margarita, you’ll be more than equipped to host the best cocktail party ever.


This luxe personalized hand towel set that’s made of 100% Turkish cotton

Because this luxurious hand towel set is made of 100% Turkish cotton, each piece is astonishingly soft. Their classic design means they’re likely to complement your bathroom decorations, and they’re large enough for effective drying but compact enough for easy storage. The best part? You can customize them with a monogram for a personalized touch anyone would adore.


A Morse code bracelet that sends a sweet (or hilarious) message

This Morse code bracelet sends a sweet message to loved ones, so when they look down at their wrists, they’ll always be reminded of how much you care. Each bracelet comes in a classic wooden box for easy gifting, and its adjustable fit makes it a versatile gift you can give to just about anyone. From designs that say “brother” and “sister” to funny messages like “stay weird” and “partner in crime,” you’re sure to find the right one for that special person.


This reversible dart game for people who love party games

Give someone you love this reversible dart game, and they’ll want to play right then and there at their birthday party. You can hang it on walls, windows, and even trees for a versatile activity you can take just about anywhere. Because the darts themselves are magnetic instead of pointed, it’s a safe choice for the whole family — just don’t be surprised when they want to play for hours on end.


This ceramic ring dish to hold your favorite baubles

This ceramic ring dish is the perfect place to put baubles and trinkets. It’s made of a high-quality ceramic material that’s sure to last for years and years. Keep it in your bedroom or bathroom for convenient storage while you sleep or shower; you can also store it by the kitchen sink to remove your valuables while you wash your hands. It comes in 35 different versions, so you’re sure to find a saying that rings true for you.


These stylish gold-plated hoops with 35,000 5-star ratings

Complete any ensemble with these trendy hoop earrings. They’re plated in real 14-karat gold, so they look really expensive while maintaining a budget-friendly price tag. They’re hypoallergenic and lightweight, which makes them great for everyday wear — just ask the 35,000 five-star reviewers.

  • Available sizes: 20 MM – 50 MM
  • Available finishes: 3


A stylish set of corner shower caddies that can hold so much

Great for housewarmings or anyone who lacks storage space, these shower caddies nestle into the corner of the tub, creating shelving where there was just blank wall. Though they stick to the wall with included adhesive, they can hold up to 40 pounds each, making them great for those huge bottles of shampoo. These sleek caddies also come with 12 hooks and a soap holder for every last bathtime accessory.


This durable cutting board with 4 built-in compartments

This stylish bamboo cutting board solves one of cookings top problems: where to put chopped ingredients after they’re prepped. It comes with four tidy compartments that you can store underneath the durable board, keeping your mise en place organized. This board also comes with four graters so you can shred cheese, mince garlic, or finely slice veggies with ease.


These double-walled glasses to serve drinks in style

Serve drinks in style with these double-walled glasses, which maintain the temperature of your beverage. Their borosilicate glass material resists scratching, so they’ll look as good as new for years to come. Because they’re so wallet-friendly, you might want to buy multiple packs for dinner parties. They’re also dishwasher-safe, making them easy to clean after the party’s over.


A quick-to-heat up steamer that folds up for easy portability

This steamer is ideal for traveling, because it folds up into a compact shape. It’s great for at-home use, too, because it can be used horizontally and vertically, and it heats up in just 30 seconds so you can start steaming your clothes and curtains right away.


An inflatable pillow they can take just about anywhere

Take this inflatable pillow to the beach, the campsite, or the backseat of your car; no matter what, you’ll get some much-needed R&R on the go. Its nonslip material gives you just the right amount of stability, and it’s equipped with an elastic strap that keeps it in place while you travel. Plus, it’s waterproof, so it’ll survive all sorts of weather conditions to keep you comfortable while you travel the world.


These black metal candle holders for a modern touch in any room

For a modern touch in any room, invest in these black metal candle holders. You can use them in conjunction with pillar, sphere, and even flameless candles for a gorgeous glow in any space, especially during the holidays. Display them on kitchen counters, dining room tables, and nightstands, and your space will look like it’s been professionally designed.


A clever pillowcase that turns pillows into a floor seat

Turn five queen-sized pillows into a cozy floor bed or floor lounger with the help of this cover. It has five zippered pockets for even distribution of pillows. The cover is soft and stylish, with a design that goes all the way around it. It’s no surprise why this is a best-seller on Amazon with over 11,000 five-star reviews.


This super convenient & soft pillow with 3 cupholders

Great for people who like to eat and drink on the couch, in bed, or in the backseat of a car, this pillow features three cupholders for your beverage or snack of choice. The one in the center even has an extra cutout for mugs of coffee, tea, or cocoa. The pillow is covered in a plush microfiber fabric that’s machine-washable in case you spill a little soda.


These heartfelt love coupons you can customize

Pet parents will certainly appreciate this gravity feeder. Despite its budget-friendly price, it can hold up to 3 pounds of kibble, and the bowl will automatically refill as the dog or cat eats, so there’s no need to constantly refill the bowl. It has a wide base that helps this feeder stay in place, just one handy feature that helped this feeder get over 9,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


This soft weighted blanket that still manages to be breathable

A weighted blanket is great for extra relaxation or potentially even soothing for people with anxiety, and this is a great budget-friendly option. It features clever stitching to keep up an even distribution of the fine glass beads, and the corners are also reinforced to maintain the integrity of the blanket. Despite its 15-pound weight, this blanket is still soft and breathable for comfy lounging or sleeping.


A silicone spatula set with ergonomic handles

This silicone spatula set comes with five differently-sized pieces for versatility in the kitchen. The spatulas resist heat up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, and their seamless one-piece design means they don’t have any seams or cracks to trap leftover food. Plus, their silicone material is naturally nonstick, so they won’t scratch your expensive pots and pans.


A handy bamboo bath tray with slots for absolutely everything

This bathtub tray is made of attractive, water-resistant bamboo, and it expands from 27.5 to 41 inches to fit your exact tub. Unlike other tub trays, this one has a spot for everything including a glass of wine, a tablet, phone, candle, mug, and more, so you can read, stream, and relax in total comfort.


This pot lid holder you can mount on your kitchen wall

Mount this pot lid holder on your kitchen wall for a convenient storage solution that won’t take up any real estate on your counter. When you buy, you’ll receive all the screws and anchors you need for a hassle-free installation process. Each unit holds up to five lids at once, and if you need more storage than that, you can always buy multiple units, since they’re incredibly inexpensive.


This ice roller with a removable, easy-to-clean head

Soothe your skin and reduce unwanted puffiness or inflammation with the help of this ice roller. The soft, gel-filled head pops off the handle so you can freeze it without taking up very much space and then wash it easily after you’re done living out your best spa-inspired life.


This electric coffee grinder for a fresher brew in the morning

Invest in this electric coffee grinder for a delightfully fresh brew in the morning. It’ll grind enough coffee for up to 12 cups, so you can serve your guests a delicious breakfast complete with everyone’s favorite beverage. It’s also ideal for grinding fresh spices, herbs, and nuts, all made super simple with it’s one-touch operation.


This ingenious beverage cooler that uses zero ice

This ingenious beverage cooler keeps drinks cold without the use of a single ice cube. Instead, its patented design chills your soda, lemonade, or iced tea with regular water, so it’s entirely dishwasher-safe for an easier clean. It cools drinks in just 60 seconds, making it an amazing choice for beach or camping trips where you might not have access to a refrigerator.


The alarm clock that makes you chase it

Heavy sleepers will appreciate (or begrudge) this clever, wheeled alarm clock that will roll right off your nightstand if you don’t shut it off. It allows one snooze before taking off, wheeling over carpets and hardwood sounding the alarm. Choose from bedroom-complementing colors like pastels and brights, as well as a cool chrome.


An 8-pack of wine glasses that make entertaining guests a breeze

With this eight-pack of wine glasses, entertaining guests will be an absolute breeze. Each glass has the capacity to hold 12 ounces of liquid at a time, so you and your loved ones can refill with less frequency. You’ll also appreciate their dishwasher-safe material, which resists chips, scratches, and breakage, so they’re likely to last a long time.


These bubble tea cups with leakproof lids for mess-free transportation

These bubble tea cups come with leakproof lids that make for mess-free transportation. Their wide metal straws mean they’re perfectly sized for tapioca pearls, and their silicone rings are removable for an easier clean when you’re finished sipping. The best part? When you use these reusable cups instead of their disposable counterparts, you reduce the amount of plastic you use, which helps take care of the planet.


This soft fleece blanket that’s unbelievably cozy

This soft fleece blanket is made of a luxurious microfiber material that’s unbelievably cozy. Simply choose the size that best fits you and your bed, and you can snuggle up for maximum warmth without overheating. Whether you display it on your couch for an inviting decorative touch or pack it in a knapsack for a camping trip, it’s a cold-weather companion you’ll absolutely adore.


This inconspicuous fidget toy to relieve nervous energy

Relieve nervous energy with this inconspicuous fidget toy for stress relief anytime, anywhere. Its unique and compact structure features a strong plastic body with a smooth silicone cover and ring, which you can use in conjunction with a myriad of other activities, from reading and writing to spectating at a show. Anyone who prefers to keep their hands occupied will appreciate its sleek design and wallet-friendly price point.


A universal socket that works with a wide variety of different screws

This universal socket works with a wide variety of different screws, making it a home improvement must-have. Based on how versatile of a tool it is, it can help with a number of repair projects, whether you’re working on a car, a cell phone, or a piece of furniture. This is an excellent gift for DIY enthusiasts who are always in search of their next project. It’s also available in one of six colors.


A kitchen utensil holder with a classic trellis design

With its classic trellis design, this kitchen utensil holder, which comes in both copper and silver, looks amazing on your countertop. Its jumbo size means it’ll hold all your spoons, spatulas, and other essential utensils, and its secure base means it’ll stay upright without tipping over. If it ever gets caught in the crossfire of a stray ingredient or two, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth for an easy clean.


The rechargeable selfie light that clips to your phone or laptop

Give the gift of great lighting and more flawless Zoom calls with this handy selfie light. Its silicone-lined clip goes on the top of your device and can be rotated so you find your perfect angle. There are five lighting hues and five brightness levels so it makes an impact day or night, indoors or out.


An hourly planner for sharper time management skills

If you keep a very tight schedule, invest in this hourly planner. Its beautiful debossed cover, ribbon bookmarks, and colorful stickers make it easier than ever to manage your time and focus on your goals. You’ll also love its habit tracker section, which uses visual encouragement to help you create and stick to healthy everyday rituals, like mindfulness breaks.


A spice rack set to keep your culinary collection organized

Keep your culinary collection organized with this spice rack set. It’s equipped with magnetic jars, which gives you tons of storage options; you can mount it on the wall, install it onto the fridge, or keep it on your kitchen counter. With its sharp 70-degree incline, it takes up very little space, horizontally speaking — spices aside, you can also use it to store magnetic jewelry, accessories, and office supplies.


The portable Apple Watch charger that clips to your bag

This is the handiest little magnetic Apple Watch charger. Just lay your watch on top and it’ll fully charge in three hours (although the Ultra takes five). Even better, it’s super compact and is attached to a keychain so it’s super easy to tote. It comes with a handy USB-C and USB charger for when the device itself needs juiced up.


These organic bath bombs to help you unwind after a long day

Unwind after a long day with these organic bath bombs, which come in a wide variety of uplifting scents ranging from honeysuckle to rosemary. You’ll receive 25 large bath bombs and three soothing bubble bars with your purchase, all of which are made with sweet-smelling essential oils and moisturizers that nourish skin. With an overall score of 4.5 out of five stars on Amazon, rest assured that you’ll love how soft your skin feels after you step out of the bath.


A tiny vacuum cleaner for your desk

Make quick (and adorable) work of desktop messes with the help of this mini vacuum cleaner. The nozzle suction picks up dust, paper scraps, and pet fur with ease from your work surface and, conveniently, your keyboard. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to handle and it runs on two AA batteries (not included) so you can use it anywhere.


A rapid egg cooker for a quicker breakfast each morning

This rapid egg cooker puts the “fast” in breakfast since it helps you cook your favorite meals in no time flat. From soft and hard-boiled to poached and scrambled, you can cook up to six eggs however you like, and the whole process will take significantly less time than cooking on the stovetop. Because it only weighs one pound and takes up very little counter space, it’s a smart choice for those with smaller kitchens, and it’s available in eight adorable colors.

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