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55 clever products on Amazon that are so damn weird

55 clever products on Amazon that are so damn weird

“Clever” and “weird” sometimes go hand in hand.



ByChristina Wood


Originally Published: 

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When it comes to accomplishing tasks that are difficult — opening stubborn jars, washing the dog, getting dinner in front of the fam on the regular, and so much more — we all need help. Sometimes that help can get strange, though. Are you ready for robotic assistance in the kitchen? Or maybe a simple, cheap, and genius hack will get it done? Here are 55 clever products on Amazon that are so damn clever they will get that task done fast — even if the task at hand is to make everyone laugh.


A weird but effective pedicure peel

Pull on the plastic socks in this foot peel mask kit and get ready for the strangest pedicure ever. It soaks your feet in a gel that is a blend of exfoliant botanical extracts and hydrating ingredients. After an hour, throw away the sock masks and go about your life. In about a week, your feet will begin to peel like a snake shedding its skin and your feet will emerge soft and smooth.


The vegetable chopper that handles all the prep work

Take the labor out of the kitchen prep work by using this vegetable chopper to mince, slice, or shred with little effort. Snap a blade into the base and either close the lid on it to dice or slide the vegetable or cheese back and forth over the blade to shred, slice, or grate. There is also an egg separator attachment. All the prepped food falls tidily into the bin below, which you can use to store them.


A tent that assembles with a toss

Be ready for a nap — or a quick change of clothes — wherever you go by packing along this pop-up tent. Just pull it out of its bag and toss it to set it up. It’s weather resistant so you can sleep in the wild and keeps the sun off to make trips to the beach more comfortable.


A black-light urine-finding flashlight

When you have a dog, you need to become a forensics expert or that sneaky canine will find a place to go that doesn’t involve going out into the weather. This UV black-light flashlight is a dog urine detector that will ferret out that place so you can clean it. Just turn off the lights and shine it around. It will light up urine spots so you know exactly where they are.


This socket tool that can move any nut

There is always one stripped nut, awkwardly shaped hook, or otherwise difficult-to-rotate thing that tries to thwart every repair project. This universal socket tool will take of that problem piece without drama. The pins retract to form a custom-shaped grip on whatever it is.


This clever tool for cleaning laptops & phones

Keeping your laptop keyboard free of cookie crumbs, dust, and desk detritus requires patience and a light hand. This laptop and phone cleaner is the portable toolkit you need for this delicate task. A gentle, retractable brush on one side sweeps away debris while a microfiber pad on the other gently and effectively cleans up the screen without leaving smudges.


The umbrella that gets the details right

This reversible umbrella fixes everything that’s wrong with the traditional ones. The C-shaped handle makes it possible to sling it over your arm so you can use the carrying hand for something else. When the umbrella is closed, the water drips off of it so you don’t have to leave it open ‘till it’s dry. And the cute patterns — there are nine of them — are on the inside when it’s open.


This dog brush & sprayer

Giving the dog a bath doesn’t have to be a battle. This brush sprayer puts the water in the palm of your hand, along with a brush so you can gently scrub the pup to get water under the fur without hurting any sensitive canine feelings with a water jet. Attach it to the hose or shower.


A pack of magic to toss in the fire

Convince friends and family that you are a magician by secretly tossing a few of these magical flames packs into the fire. Everyone will marvel at your ability to turn the flames into a rainbow assortment of colors. This is best done after intoning some Latin or other obscure and mystical-sounding mumbo jumbo. The colors last about an hour and this is a pack of 10 for repeat performances.


These adorable mushroom night-lights

Plug these mushroom night-lights into an outlet to bring a bit of adorable whimsy to your space and give the room a soft glow so you can see where you are going and chase away monsters. They come on when the lights go out — and get brighter as it gets darker — and go off when it comes back on so they are set-it-and-forget-it easy.


A plant pot that floats & spins

This levitating plant pot will quickly become the most interesting thing in your house as your plant hangs, magically, in the air. Even your plant will like this new lifestyle since the pot rotates slowly, giving it even light exposure.


A beard bib that helps keep your sinks clean

Tired of cleaning beard trimmings out of your sink? Then this bib is worth a look. Two suction cups let you attach it to your mirror so that it can catch all those trimmings as they fall. Once you’re finished shaving, simply shake it overtop of a trash can to empty it out.


A 2-sided tongue cleaner

Make cleaning your tongue an easy habit with this two-in-one tongue cleaner. There’s a brush on one side and a scraper on the other and it is roughly the same shape as a toothbrush so you can store all your dental hygiene tools in the same place. This is a pack of four to keep you well-stocked.


A tool for cutting many items faster

The tedium of slicing through a chicken breast or all those cherry tomatoes is no more. Just press the foods you need to slice between this food cutter and grab a knife. It will hold onto things while you slide a blade through them, rendering all the tomatoes halved at once and making fast work of cutting that cutlet.


This clever hack for carrying all the groceries at once

Instead of making several trips from the car with your groceries, use this weird grocery bag carrier to haul all the bags at once. It rests on your shoulder so you can hook bags to the front and back, distributing the weight, freeing your hands, and significantly increasing your carrying capacity. “I carried a month’s worth of groceries up in one trip,” said one reviewer. “[It] barely even felt like I was carrying anything.”


An electric racket for getting rid of flies

Instead of grumbling and cursing at those invading insects, take arms against that trouble. This electric fly swatter takes down the pests quickly — the net is charged with 4,000 volts so a touch is all it takes — and makes the chore into a sport.


This mold for making many meatballs fast

Whip up a big batch of meatballs quickly and without having to get your hand dirty with this meatball making tool. Just spread your ground meat mixture evenly into the bottom tray and press the top tray of the mold into place. When you lift the lid off, you will have 32 uniform balls.


A stylish way to not lose your AirPods

Keep your AirPods handy without the risk of losing them by snapping them into this magnetic AirPods strap and wearing them around your neck. They snap magnetically together so you don’t lose them when you aren’t listening and are always easy to find when you want them.


A lunchbox that cooks

Solve the problem of what to bring for lunch forever with this lunch box that’s also a food heater. Throw some leftovers into it. And when you get to work — or in your car — plug it in and heat that food up. You can do less planning and eat more healthy hot meals on the fly. You will save money on lunches out, too.


The frostiest beer mug

There’s nothing better than a cold beer after a hard day. Unless it’s an even colder beer. And this pair of beer glasses will deliver the latter. Store them in the freezer to freeze the insulating gel embedded in the BPA-free, double-walled plastic glasses. A cold beer poured into these will drop in temperature and stay that way for a long time. A silicone band protects your hand from the chill.


A hanger for all your ties & scarves

Finally, an easy way to store your ties and belts that won’t eat your limited storage capacity. These tie rack hangers fit neatly onto your closet rod and each one holds 18 ties. Use your imagination, though, and you will discover this is a great way to store everything from bras to tank tops, scarves, and jewelry.


This light-up collar for the pup

Your bestie will be much safer sporting this light-up dog collar. It makes it easy to see even the darkest dog from 1,000 feet away, which gives cars plenty of time to stop. It makes it easy for you to keep track of your pup in the dark, too. It’s rechargeable and comes in 11 colors.


This table that works in grass & sand

Leave the picnic blanket. Bring the folding chairs and this portable outdoor table instead. Stick the sharpened leg of the table into the sand or ground and you have a place to put your snacks that will outsmart the ants and make dining easy. It even has cutouts for your stemmed wine glasses.


A desk for your car

When dinner happens on the road, snap this steering wheel desk onto the wheel and eat like a civilized human. You can spread out, set your beverage in the cupholder slot, and keep the condiments off your shirt. Need to work? Flip it over for a desk surface that is complete with a pen slot and smooth workspace.


This robot that opens jars

Yes, robots are finally here to do the chores you don’t like. This jar opener takes over the often impossible task of opening jar lids. Set it on the jar, push the button, and let it do all the struggling while you wait for an open jar. It’s easy to store in a drawer, too.


These glow-in-the-dark covers for the remote

Cover your Firestick remote with this clever glow-in-the-dark silicone cover so you don’t have to turn on all the lights to hunt for the remote when it gets lost in the couch cushions. It’s light so you will hardly know it’s there but it also protects the remote from drops and spills. “Finally, a remote I can find in the dark!” said one reviewer.


A magnetic wristband that holds onto nuts & bolts

Don’t tackle that DIY project until you have this wristband to help you out. Ten strong magnets on the inside hold onto all your nuts, bolts, screws, and more, keeping theme conveniently within reach at all times. Plus, the breathable mesh fabric won’t leave you sweating if you wind up wearing it for an extended period of time.


This vegetable scrub brush shaped like a cute potato

Not only is this scrub brush cute to look at, but the sturdy nylon bristles on the back also power through all sorts of dirt and contaminants without stripping the skin from your vegetables. It’s ideal for firmer types of produce, including carrots, yams, apples, and more. Plus, the small feet on the bottom let you stand it upright on your sink top.


The trick for chilling any beverage fast

Sometimes you want an iced coffee. And maybe you didn’t plan ahead for this urge. If this instant beverage cooler is in your freezer, the disappointment of not having a cold cuppa is no more. Just pour hot coffee into it. It chills a hot beverage in one minute without diluting it. This is also handy if someone asks for white wine and you don’t have any in the fridge.


These dip clips that can help you eat in the car mess-free

When eating in your car is unavoidable, these dip clips can help you chow down without making a mess. They’re designed to fit a variety of fast food sauce containers — though you can also squirt a ketchup packet into them if that’s what you prefer. Plus, the gripper prongs on the back keep them securely fastened onto your air vents so that they’re always within reach.


A wine opener that looks like a bat

Other people just pull out a waiter’s corkscrew and get the bottle open. You, on the other hand, put on scary music, don some plastic fangs, and use this bat-winged (and eared) version of that inevitable tool. The wings close as the wine opens. The bat’s face will pop the top off of a beer, too.


This fidget cube to help you focus

Sometimes getting out of your own way so you can focus requires a clever hack. If you are a fidgeter, you are unlikely to settle down until your hands are busy. Put this fidget cube in your hand to take care of that. It has a delightful tactile surface, buttons, a joystick, and switches to keep your hands busy without distracting your mind. It even makes satisfying clicking sounds to calm you so you can get on with your work. It comes in 14 colors.


An armband that lets you use your phone on the run

Strap your phone to your arm with this running armband so it is always within easy, usable reach without making you give up a hand to carry it. The screen rotates so you can pull it in to see stats or the navigation. The strap adjusts and stretches for a snug fit. And the elastic phone holder fits any phone securely. It comes in a black or reflective material.


A camping pillow filled with plush memory foam

Whereas some camping pillows are inflatable, this one is filled with plush memory foam, making it a way more comfortable option. The micro-suede cover also feels soft against skin — and when you’re packing up, simply compress it down into the included drawstring bag so that it’s easy to take with you.


A cup that makes instant slushies

Make a frozen treat anytime the mood strikes by pouring juice, soda, lemonade, or your favorite beverage into this slushie maker cup. Give the cup a squeeze or two and watch as your beverage freezes into slush. It comes with a spoon/straw for enjoying your treat.


These Swedish dishcloths can help you save *so* much money

Still wasting money on paper towels? Consider saving some green by upgrading to these Swedish dishcloths. They’re gritty when dry yet soft when wet, making them great for scouring tubs, dusting, and every dirty job in between. Plus, each one can be washed and reused up to 100 times.


These pint glasses that teach mixology

Mix your next round in this cocktail recipe glass and you won’t have to leave the ingredients to memory or guess at the process. The recipes are printed right on the glass with detailed instructions about ice, mixing, stirring, and garnishes. There are options for beer, wine, various liquors, and hangover cures making these a terrific collectible glass set.


A pizza cutter wheel that’s less likely to nick skin

Whereas some pizza slicers have a fully exposed blade, this one features a protective guard on the top that helps protect you from accidental nicks. It also fits comfortably into the palm of your hand, making it easy to press down into thick crust as it rolls — and all pieces dissemble for thorough cleaning.


This zippered toiletry bag that’s approved by the TSA

Not only is this toiletry bag approved for use by the TSA, but dual zippers on the top also help you access your items quickly — just in case TSA asks you to pull something out. And if you don’t have a trip coming up? You can also use it to store art supplies, dry snacks, and more.


A dumpster fire for your desk

When your day turns into a dumpster fire, you will be on brand if you have this pencil holder on your desk. It looks like a dumpster. And the included note cards complete the meme by looking like flames. It’s the perfect place to toss your pencils or other desk tools.


The drain protector that lets water flow through when clogged

Whereas some drain protectors will cause your tub to back up once they’re clogged with hair, this TubShroom features a tower-shaped design that lets water flow through — even when clogged. And when it’s time to clean it out? There’s no need to take it out of your drain, as a quick swipe around the base using your index finger is all it takes to remove any collected debris.


This shampoo brush that massages away dirt & oil

Add a dollop of shampoo to this brush, then gently scrub it into your head to massage away dirt and oil. The silicone bristles are gentle on skin, so there’s no need to worry about them irritating your scalp — and the handle on the back helps you keep a firm grip when wet.


These LED flashlight gloves with *thousands* of positive reviews

Not only are these LED flashlight gloves great for tackling DIY projects, but the stretchy material also makes them suitable for hands both large and small. The best part? Each order comes with batteries included, making them ready to use right out of the box. “Ordered these for my nephew who’s a plumber and they fit perfect,” wrote one reviewer. “He loves how comfortable and bright they are and says he likes how it’s easier with both hands being free not having to hold a flashlight in one.”


An elegant way to keep cords where you want them

You don’t have to stick an unsightly plastic clip to your furniture to stop the charging cords from disappearing under the bed or sliding off your desk. Set this decorative magnetic cable manager on the surface and the cords stick to it. It comes with a snap-on adapter for cords without metal and is weighted so it stays put.


This rapid egg cooker that gets breakfast made fast

You don’t have to skip breakfast when you’re rushing out the door on busy mornings — just use this rapid egg cooker to whip up a quick meal. It’s so versatile that it can make hard, soft, or medium boiled eggs, as well as omelettes, poached, or scrambled eggs. Plus, its small size takes up hardly any space inside a cabinet.


A desktop magnifying lens with a built-in phone stand

Having trouble reading that tiny text? Not a problem when you have this desktop lens. It magnifies whatever is underneath it by eight times, making it easy to read small text, repair gadgets, and more. Six LED lights also help you see what you’re looking at in better detail — and there’s even a phone stand built into the base for convenience.


This candle that blows itself out

This horizontal candle is like automated lighting from olden times. Snap the 100% beeswax candle into the clip and light it. It will automatically blow itself out when the flame reaches the clip so you don’t have to. Want it to burn longer? Pull a longer candle into the clip. It’s decorative as well as being clever. “It’s a very weird candle,” said one reviewer. “It would look good in an antique-y house or a cabin or cottage.”


A handy keychain charger for your Apple Watch

There you are, deep into your day. Your Apple Watch is tracking your stats, reminding you of your next appointment, and telling you the time. Then it quits, demanding more power. If you have this portable charger on your keychain, you can carry on. It will charge your watch two or three times on a charge and take it from dead to fully charged in two hours.


This sandwich cutter that lets you make crustless sandwiches

Enjoy eating uncrustable sandwiches? Then this cutter is definitely worth a look. Simply press it down into your sandwich, and it’ll seal off the edges so that you have a crustless snack that’s less likely to ooze out into your lunchbox. Each order comes with two cutter sizes: one small and one large.


These solar-powered, color-changing windchimes

Give your porch or yard a groovy vibe by hanging this solar-powered, color-changing wind chime in a sunny spot. A solar panel in the top charges the crystal balls so they light up and change colors throughout the evening. They turn themselves off by running out of power and do it all again the next day. You can choose balls, hummingbirds, or stars.


This glass teapot that has its own jacket

This is the practical and adorable teapot you need to brew your favorite tea easily. The glass pot can go in the microwave and it lets you see how steeped your leaves are. A stainless steel infuser fits neatly into the pot, keeping your leaves out of the brew. And a neoprene zip-up tea cozy looks like a jacket as it keeps your tea warm.


A tool for cleaning your earbuds

This cleaning pen has everything you need to get your earbuds clean again. A pen nib, hair brush, and flocking sponge all push out of the pen body when you want to give your earbuds a cleanup and retract again so you can stash the pen and keep it handy. It’s great for getting the ports of your phone clean, too.


The dice that decides about dinner

Finally! The answer to the eternal question: “What do you want for dinner?” Roll the takeout dice and no one will have to decide. The six-sided dice chooses one of six options. If everyone groans in disappointment, you can always roll again. “Perfect for when my boyfriend asks what I want to eat for dinner and I say I don’t care but then say no to all of [his] ideas,” said one reviewer.


These clever hangers that save so much closet space

Create space in your closet without giving up any of your clothes simply by adding these clever hangers to your rig. They hang on the closet rod and you hang your garments from them. Unhook one end so that five garments hang vertically, occupying the same space that once held only one.


A batter dispenser that also powers through clumps

Mix your batter inside of this dispenser bottle, and the stainless steel ball on the inside will help break up any clumps, leaving you with nothing but smooth, even batter. The silicone spout is also heat-resistant, making it safe to touch directly onto hot griddles. But if that isn’t enough? One reviewer wrote about how it’s “very easy to use and clean up is a breeze.”

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