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50 strange things with near-perfect Amazon reviews that should be on your radar

50 strange things with near-perfect Amazon reviews that should be on your radar

The shoppers have spoken.


ByAlexa Vazquez


Originally Published: 

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While shopping online, it can be a challenge to decide whether a unique product is worth your hard-earned cash. Thankfully, there are thousands upon thousands of product reviews on Amazon to guide you. And, even better, I’ve done the hard work of scouring through the site to collect the strange, yet standout best of the best. Sure, the 50 items on this list may be a little weird, but they are also backed by thousands of glowing, five-star ratings and enthusiastic reviews from tons of satisfied (and seriously impressed) customers.

So, whether you’re in the market for off-the-beaten-path kitchen gear or home solutions that don’t break the bank, keep reading for a list of 50 strange things with near-perfect reviews — that should 100% be on your radar.


A handy side table that attaches to your couch

This bamboo sofa side table allows you to keep your drinks, snacks, and other essentials within reach. The expandable legs fit the arms of most any sized couch and the raised edges help prevent items from rolling off. It even has a rotating phone or tablet stand that allows you to find the perfect viewing angle.


A hamper that converts into a laundry bag

This clever rectangular laundry bag serves a dual purpose. When open, it serves as a spacious (yet compact) hamper to toss dirty clothes into. When collapsed, it transforms into a laundry bag with a handle so you can easily tote it down to the basement or up the street to the laundromat in one fell swoop.


A cup holder cozy to safely store drinks on your bed or couch

This pillow cup holder allows you to keep your drinks, remote, and other essentials close by without having to move from your couch or bed. Ideal for preventing spills, this plush holder is made from insulated foam that also helps keep your drinks hot or cold for longer and fits almost any size cup, even those with handles.


A lemon juicer that folds up flat for storage

In my opinion, store-bought lemon juice can never compare to the real thing — and this lemon juicer makes it easy to squeeze your very own fresh lemon juice. It has a unique hinge that increases pressure without any extra effort and a strainer to catch seeds before they can enter your glass. Best of all, it folds for easy storage.


A clever magnetic pouch to store essentials on a run

This Running Buddy magnetic pouch allows you to carry essentials like your phone and keys while you’re out for a run, without weighing down your pockets. The magnet closure conveniently clips onto your waistband and is made from a lightweight, water-resistant fabric that helps keep your items safe from sweat and the elements.


An expander to fit your big tumbler in your car’s cup holder

There’s nothing more annoying than when your favorite water bottle doesn’t fit into your car’s cup holder, which is why this cup holder expander is so genius. It slides right into your car’s cup holder — without blocking the adjacent holder — and is lined with silicone to prevent annoying rattling.


These drop-in tablets that clean your washing machine

Your clothes are only as clean as your washer, which is why these washing machine cleaners are a must-have. These little tablets are able to clean deep inside your washer’s pump, filter, and hose to help remove odor-causing bacteria and residue. With over 180,000 five-star ratings, these tablets are designed to ensure your cleanest clothes yet.


This tray to make ice cubes that fit inside water bottles

This ice cube tray creates long and narrow ice cubes that fit seamlessly into water bottles and tumblers of nearly any size to help keep your drink ice-cold all day. The silicone construction makes it easy to pop out each cube and it’s dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. You can also use this tray as a mold to make frozen treats or candy bars.


A silicone broom to effectively clean both wet & dry messes

While it doesn’t look anything like a traditional bristled version, this silicone broom can do double the work. It generates static electricity that works to attract and trap fine dust and hairs, helping pull it off of carpets and floors alike. It also acts as a squeegee to pick up gooey or liquid messes and has an extendable handle.


Some reusable ice packs in fun shapes and colors

Pop a couple of these highly-rated, reusable ice packs into your lunch box for a fun and frosty experience. The slim design takes up minimal space and you can choose from eight cheerful and colorful designs ranging from unicorns to rocket ships and dinosaurs. According to one reviewer, these “fit nicely and keep lunches or snacks cold for at least 4-5 hours.”


A multipurpose brush cleaner designed for suede shoes

To help keep your suede shoes in tip-top shape and even restore them to their original glory, you can deploy this simple, four-way brush cleaner. It has four distinct brushes to clean every part of the shoe from the seams to the soles. Tough on stains yet gentle on shoes, this brush is so good it doesn’t require any additional cleaning solution.


A neck light that makes it easy to read in the dark

You can now read your book well after lights-out without disrupting anyone thanks to this highly rated rechargeable LED neck light. With over 81,000 five-star ratings, this popular light features bendable arms to perfectly adjust its position and several settings for the color of the light as well as the brightness.


This hanging toilet paper holder you can take anywhere

Whether you’re camping or at a music festival, this hanging toilet paper holder will come in tremendously handy. Made from waterproof, durable polyester, this holder has an adjustable strap that can be hung from a clothesline, tree branch, pole — anywhere, really. The metal bar inside the foam-padded case helps guide the roll into the holder and keep it in place. A wide opening with a leather flap allows the paper to come through while protecting it from the elements.


A unique blender bottle that works without a shaker ball

With just a few quick shakes, this blender bottle will transform your protein powder to frothy liquid goodness. This bottle utilizes a patented helix design that seamlessly blends powder, liquids, and even peanut butter together, unlike other shaker bottles that require whisks, wires, and balls. Dishwasher-safe, this bottle is made from odor-resistant and shatter-proof plastic.


An aerator that helps maximize the flavor of any wine

Maximize the flavor and aroma of your favorite bottle of red (or white) wine with this aerator, which infuses the right amount of oxygen into your glass with each pour. Not only will it help improve the taste and smell of your wine — even the cheap stuff — it also prevents spills thanks to its tapered opening and rubber stopper.


A leave-in hair treatment that does it all

Why use a multitude of hair products when you can use one? This leave-in hair treatment, infused with herbal extracts and plant-derived proteins, is designed to help hydrate and repair dry and damaged hair leaving it smooth and shiny. The creamy, lightweight formula even acts as a heat protectant, not to mention it makes detangling a breeze.


This set of drill brush attachments that can deep-clean anything

For heavy-duty deep cleaning, this 22-piece drill brush attachment set will meet all your needs and more. The set comes with scrubber brushes, scouring pads of varying stiffnesses, scrub sponges, wool pads, an extension rod, and a four-inch backer. Thoroughly scrub and detail your oven, bathroom tile, or even smaller tasks like cleaning your skillets. Just attach any of the pieces to a cordless drill (not included).


A leak-proof food jar that keeps meals hot or cold for hours

This stainless steel insulated food jar can keep your lunch hot for up to seven hours or cold for up to five. The leak-proof container, which opens with the click of a button, ensures there won’t be spills in your lunchbox, plus it’s dishwasher-safe. It even comes with a foldable spoon that can be stored in a designated compartment on the lid.


An easy-to-use can opener that doesn’t leave sharp edges

Upgrade your rusty old antique with this clever can opener that has over 11,000 glowing five-star reviews. It locks onto any can, opening it without creating dangerous sharp edges thanks to where the cutting blade is placed. It also has mini pliers to remove the top so you don’t need to use your fingers. One fan wrote that it’s “the best and easiest to use can opener that I have ever used or owned.”


These unique pumice cleaners for stubborn toilet stains

When damp, this set of two pumice cleaners easily removes stubborn hard water stains, mineral deposits, limescale, and more without the use of harsh chemicals. Its gritty surface scrubs away grime and scum from toilets, but also works just as well to clean tile, grout, and baked-on grease from ovens and BBQs (just be sure to get a separate one for that).


Some flexible gardening gloves made from breathable bamboo

Help protect your hands while gardening, fishing, or using tools with these gardening gloves. Made from breathable and absorbent bamboo, they’re designed to keep your hands warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They have a textured rubber coating for good grip and a snug fit that feels like a second skin for ample dexterity.


The nonslip, space-saving shelf for your stove

Tight spaces require inventive storage solutions — like this space-saving stove shelf to keep all of your most used spices and seasonings within reach as you cook. Made from sleek stainless steel, this shelf has silicone pads to keep it in place, no tools required, and a rack to keep your spices and more securely in place.


A cushioned stool to comfortably kneel while you garden

This gardening stool offers a cushioned surface on which to sit or kneel to help protect your joints (and your jeans) while you garden. It also includes a pouch that you can attach to the stool to store all of your tools and even comes with a free set of gloves. Best of all, it folds flat for easy storage.


These easy, wall-mounted cord bundlers that organize & tidy

If you’re ready to finally organize those unsightly bundles of tangled cords around your home, you need these cord bundlers. They adhere directly to your desired surface and promise not to leave behind any damage. Just bundle up your cord and attach it to the loop to keep cables organized and off your floor.


An organizer case to conveniently store & test your batteries

If you have a drawer piled high with batteries, you need this handy battery organizer storage case that can hold up to 93 batteries of varying sizes. This waterproof case not only neatly stores your batteries, it also includes a battery tester to help determine which batteries to keep and which to toss.


These heat-resistant oven mitts that offer extra protection

These heat-resistant oven mitts offer protection up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit with a durable silicone exterior that’s also waterproof. The interior is lined in soft, quilted cotton. They can also help protect hands and forearms from grill flare-ups, as they’re designed to not catch fire or melt when used near a flame. The textured silicone palms offer a nonslip grip, and they’re easily cleaned with warm water and a little soap.


A challenge-based party game great for kids & adults

With over 160 challenges — both physical and mental — this unique party game is rocketing up Amazon’s best-seller charts. The manufacturer says it takes two minutes to learn and is suitable for two to eight players, ages eight and up. Challenges include things like stacking dice with chopsticks (all included) and speed-rhyming.


These cable labels to easily identify your cords

Instead of accidentally unplugging the wrong cord from your power strip, use this set of colorful cable labels to keep track of which cord is which. They’re color-coordinated and can be labeled using a pen to easily identify cables. These are also great to organize that box of cords you’ve been avoiding.


An extendable duster for hard-to-reach spots

You no longer have excuses for not cleaning your ceiling fan or other hard-to-reach places because this extendable duster exists. The pole extends from 27 to 47 inches in just a few seconds and has a washable and reusable microfiber head with thousands of fluffy fibers that help trap dust and other allergens.


These metal claws for expertly shredding meat

From pulled pork to shredded chicken for taco night, these metal meat claws are made with a stainless steel design that tears through any kind of meat. Textured handles and a nonslip grip offer extra leverage when picking up and carrying foods from the grill pit. These claws are also handy for more than meat — use them for keeping slippery fruits like watermelon in place as you slice.


A hands-free soap dispenser to streamline the sink

This battery-operated automatic soap dispenser can be used to dispense dish or hand soap onto your hands or sponge without having to touch a thing. The motion sensor releases the perfect amount of soap (which you get to choose) and it has a sleek design that looks spiffy on your counter.


A calming mud mask infused with green tea

Infused with green tea extract, this unique facial mud mask helps to soothe dry and irritated skin while working to remove dead skin, too. The mask comes in pre-packaged pouches that contain just the right amount of product and there’s an included brush to apply the mask without a mess — also, the bright green color adds to the experience.


The simple bidet attachment for your toilet

If you’ve always dreamed of having a bidet, now you can for a fraction of the typical cost thanks to this straightforward bidet attachment. Loved by over 13,500 people who gave it perfect five-star reviews, it’s compatible with any toilet. It has a dial to control water pressure as well as an adjustable nozzle to find the right angle for you.


A plush foam orthopedic dog bed for your pup

Like you, your dog deserves a comfy place to lay their head at night, such as this orthopedic dog bed in the shape of a mini sofa. It’s made with plush foam that’s designed to soothe puppy’s pressure points, be easy on the joints, and promote airflow to help keep them cool. Featuring a soft faux fur lining, your dog will thank you.


A handy container to store leftover bacon grease

Disposing of hot bacon grease in the garbage can be a challenging ordeal, not to mention it lets all that flavorful liquid gold go to waste. Instead, you can pour it into this stainless steel bacon grease container and keep it on hand to accentuate your meal prepping. It has a mesh strainer to separate unwanted bits and a pour spout that makes it easy to use when cooking.


This broom holder that organizes jumbled cleaning tools

If you’re staring at a pile of brooms and mops sliding around in your closet or pantry, you’ll want this broom holder that mounts to your wall. With five slots for brooms and mops, along with six extra hooks, this space-saving holder neatly organizes your tools. It’s also useful for the garage, where you can organize your rakes, shovels, and other gardening supplies. Each slot is spring-loaded with a double rubber grip to ensure tools are held securely.


A charcuterie board with hidden drawers for leveled-up hosting

Hosting just got a whole lot easier (and more elegant) with this highly-rated bamboo charcuterie board. This square board has a grooved border ideal for laying out crackers, grapes, olives, and more, as well as a raised center to showcase your cheeses. A slide-out tray reveals four stainless steel cutlery pieces with matching bamboo handles.


Some magnetic lights that attach to your grill for easy illumination

You can keep your BBQ going long after the sun sets thanks to these magnetic grill lights that stick to your grill top. Featuring nine high-density LED bulbs, these battery-operated lights have a bendable gooseneck to perfectly illuminate your burgers and steaks. Plus, these versatile lights can be used for much more than grilling.


A complete picture-hanging kit that works for items up to 75 pounds

This picture-hanging kit provides all the hardware and accessories you need to flawlessly hang up to 85 items. Inside the kit you’ll find pre-sorted nails that match various hooks, screws, and even wire, which are all neatly stored inside. One of the over 8,000 five-star reviewers attested, “Everyone should have a set of these around. Easy to store, very sturdy.”


These deep-cleaning scrubber brushes that attach to your drill

To clean more quickly and efficiently, use this set of best-selling scrubber brushes that attach to your drill. Each brush is uniquely shaped to suit any surface from tight corners to tiled bathrooms, and — powered by the drill — you’ll be done so much faster. It even comes with an extender to get into hard-to-reach places.


A dual-sided de-shedding brush that also gets out mats

Whether you’ve got a fluffy Persian cat, a thick-coated lab, or even a horse, this dual-purpose de-shedding brush pampers your pet while also helping reduce shedding. The side with fewer teeth makes quick work of pesky mats while the toothier side is excellent for undercoat-thinning and deshedding. Its 4.6-star overall rating means it’s a true fan-favorite.


A solution that flushes out grime from coffee makers

Use this descaling solution to clean out your single-use coffee machines, whether you have a Keurig or Nespresso. It works by clearing out limescale and hard water mineral deposits and even can prevent corrosion to help ensure that your machine works at its peak and that your morning coffee tastes its freshest.


A microfiber duster that gets into hard-to-reach places

This reusable microfiber duster works to collect dust, hair, and other debris that’s been hiding around your house. It easily gets into small spaces like under appliances or behind furniture, tight corners, and even ceiling fans since it has an extendable, rust-proof handle. You can use it wet or dry.


An outlet cover that doubles as a night light

Instead of taking up precious outlets to plug in bulky night lights, you can use this outlet cover with a built-in, energy efficient LED light to brighten up dark spaces. It also helps you deal with plugs without needing to turn on the overheads. Apart from taking less than five minutes to install, they automatically turn on in the dark and turn off when it’s bright for extra simplicity and peace of mind.


These clever space-saving hooks to declutter countertops

These under-cabinet hooks are a space-saving way to store and access your most used cooking utensils. With four hooks, this gadget rotates 360 degrees and utilizes a peel-and-stick application that easily adheres to any smooth surface. These hooks are also ideal for extra bathroom storage.


A cleaner to remove dust from your dryer & enhance its efficiency

This 40-foot dryer cleaner is designed to rid your machine of dust, lint, and dirt you didn’t even know existed. All you have to do is insert the cleaner into your dryer vent and the bristled brush will do the hard work for you. Not only can it help your dryer perform better, it can also help prevent flammable buildup.


These stamps that clean the toilet for you

If cleaning the toilet bowl is your least favorite chore, you’ll be glad to know that these clever toilet bowl cleaners exist. Using the included applicator, you can pop these jelly stamps onto the inside of your bowl and they’ll work to freshen, deodorize, and clean your toilet each time you flush. Each stamp lasts up to 12 days and they’re available in a variety of scents.


A rechargeable mini vacuum for small messes from your keyboard to car

Rather than whip out a full-sized vacuum to tidy up or clean small messes, you can use this USB-rechargeable desktop vacuum. With an ergonomic design that’s easy to hold, this vacuum is powerful yet quiet and has a removable nozzle to get into to hard-to-reach areas like keyboards or car seats.


An adorable statue to light up outdoor spaces

This best-selling garden statue is a welcome addition to any outdoor space. Featuring a turtle with hand-painted succulents, this waterproof statue will light up your entryway or patio thanks to a series of solar-powered lights that have an 8-hour run time and that are “surprisingly bright,” according to one reviewer.


These apple-shaped balls that extend the freshness of produce

To help extend the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables, toss these produce-saver balls into your fridge or fruit bowl. They contain replaceable packets (which last up to three months) that work to absorb ethylene gas to help keep produce fresher and crisper for up to two or three times longer.

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