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30 Weird things for your dog that are so damn clever

30 weird things for your dog that are so damn clever

Life’s not so ruff with these picks.



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If you have the good fortune to live life with a four-legged friend by your side, you know that dog ownership is rewarding — but expensive. Even worse, some of the products you buy don’t necessarily work the way you think they do. That, or your dog just isn’t interested.

Luckily, there are plenty of weird-yet-clever items for your pup that reviewers have screened beforehand, so you can get a better idea of what to expect. Check out some of the innovative toys, treats, and accessories that will make pet parenthood a little easier.


These nylon car seat belts for added safety on all your road trip adventures

Keep your best friend safe while you road trip with these nylon car seat belts, which will help them stay securely in place for the duration of your drive. Each seat belt is made of high-quality nylon fabric with a zinc alloy swivel and durable buckles, all of which ensure it’ll last for years to come. Its adjustable length makes it a smart choice for pups of all shapes and sizes. With its tangle-free design, it attaches to headrests in a matter of moments, so your pet can sit anywhere in the car. You can even use it as a handheld leash the next time you go for a walk.


This durable corn-shaped chew toy that’s practically indestructible

Even the most aggressive chewers will meet their match with this durable corn-shaped chew toy, which is made of a bite-resistant TPR material that’s practically indestructible. Its zig-zag design gives it a unique texture you can brush back and forth to customize their chewing experience, and when they bite down, it’ll make a squeaky noise that’ll boost their interest level even further. Not only will it keep them engaged and entertained, but it’ll actually help to keep their teeth clean in between brushes and trips to the vet.


This crackle ball dog toy with an irresistible sound that keeps your pet entertained

This crackle ball dog toy takes fetch to the next level since it makes an irresistible sound that’ll keep your four-legged friend on their toes for the whole game. It’s made with a tough rubber outer layer, which conceals a crunchy ball that’s formulated primarily with recyclable plastic bottles; its durable construction makes it a great choice for tossing around in the park and chewing when your pet gets ahold of it. You can choose between three sizes (small, medium, and large) to accommodate your pup and their developmental needs — it’s sure to become their new favorite toy.


This dog urine detector that will make stains glow in the dark

Make stubborn stains glow in the dark with this dog urine detector, which uses a black light to identify trouble spots for easy removal with your go-to carpet cleaner and odor eliminator. It’s incredibly small and compact, so you can use it at home, in the car, and wherever your travels may take you. It comes with a battery to power it up and an adhesive mount to store it on top of your spray bottles. When you’re finished, you can store it in your kitchen drawer for easy access; it’ll help every room in your house remain clean and stain-free.


This dog mat remover comb that’ll effortlessly untangle knots & mats without tugging

Untangling knots and mats in your dog’s fur can be an arduous process, especially if they don’t like going to the groomer; that’s where this dog mat remover comb comes in — it’ll work through tough tangles effortlessly without tugging or pulling. The secret to its effectiveness lies in its six-tooth design, which is equipped with sharp interior blades that work quickly and protect your pet’s skin while you groom for maximum safety. You’ll also appreciate its ergonomic grip, which is made with a nonslip rubber material. It’s designed for both dogs and cats of all breeds.


This talking ball that has over 28,000 5-star reviews on Amazon

Take your fetch game to the next level with this talking ball, which makes over 20 hilarious sounds to interact with your pet while you play in the park together. It’s motion activated, so when your pet begins to play, they’ll set off a barrage of hilarious noises that’ll keep them engaged and give them a healthy outlet for their biting and chewing impulses. Because it’s specifically designed for high-impact play, it’ll last for years to come with even the most aggressive chewers.


This 3-in-1 interactive chew toy with multiple layers to accommodate even the heaviest chewers

If your pup is a heavy chewer who goes through dog toys like it’s nobody’s business, give them the gift of this three-in-one interactive chew toy, which features multiple layers to let them release their energy in a healthy way. Here’s how it works: once your pet has completely destroyed layers one and two, they’ll discover an indestructible squeaky ball that’s durable enough to withstand even their rowdiest bursts of energy. Plus, the material of the softer layers was specifically designed to tear into larger pieces, so your dog’s digestion will be safe from any potential choking hazards.


This grooming glove that is covered in bristles to help your pet stay calm

This grooming glove is a great choice for pet owners who can’t get their pups to sit still, since it’ll help reduce shedding and detangle fur with just a gentle massage. Each glove is completely covered in soft bristles that let you successfully groom even the hardest-to-reach areas, helping to de-shed and reduce the pet hair you find all over your clothes and furniture. You can even use it in the bath for a grooming experience that makes your pet feel like they’re at the doggy spa (and maybe they’ll even look forward to their next wash).


This SUV cargo liner that acts as a barrier to protect your vehicle from dirt & fur

There’s nothing quite like hitting the road with your best friend, but you don’t want to have to scrub dirt and stains out of your vehicle after every outdoor adventure. That’s where this SUV cargo liner comes in: it acts as a barrier between your dog and your trunk, so you can let them roll around in the mud to their heart’s content and trust that your car will stay borderline spotless. It’s incredibly easy to install in just a minute or less; simply hang its convenient straps over both headrests in the backseat.


This spinning flying squirrel dog toy with a fun multicolored design your pup can’t miss

Don’t worry about losing this spinning flying squirrel dog toy in a game of fetch; its fun multicolored design is so bright, you won’t be able to miss it. It’s rugged enough for hours of outdoor play with even the toughest chewers, and its curved sides make it easy for pups to pick up with their mouths and carry back to you. Because it’s lightweight, buoyant, and waterproof, you can even use it in the lake or pool, making it a great choice for outdoor fun.


This interactive dog treat puzzle that keeps their brains & bellies engaged to bust boredom

This interactive dog treat puzzle is a perfect choice for easily distracted dogs who need something engaging to bust the boredom — and it looks adorable in your living room. With 23 holes to put food and treats and 15 interactive sliders, your dog will be able to dig for their favorite snacks while increasing their IQs. Plus, it’ll encourage your dog to eat at a significantly slower pace, which can help prevent indigestion for a happier stomach at dinnertime.


This mesh purse holder that’ll also prevent your pup from wandering into the passenger’s seat

With this mesh purse holder, you won’t have to engage in any Cirque du Soleil-style acrobatics to reach snacks or tissues you might have buried somewhere in the backseat. That said, it also serves as a way to keep your faithful four-legged companion from wandering around your car. Even with a seatbelt, sometimes your dog will be tempted to voyage to unsafe spaces. This clever contraption will guarantee a much safer ride for both of you. You can buy it in black or tan.


This heavy-duty pooper scooper made of metal & aluminum for maximum durability

This heavy-duty pooper scooper completely eliminates the need for you to bend down when it’s time to pick up after your pup, which means less strain on your neck and back. Its long handle (over 36 inches, to be exact) means that pet owners of any height will be able to comfortably pick up their dogs’ waste with the included rake, which keeps hands and fingers clean, and it’ll hold significantly more than your average doggy bag. Plus, it’s super easy to assemble; just push and click it into place, and when you get back home after a walk, you can use the holes in its handle grip for convenient storage.


This stainless steel dog bowl set with a skid-resistant mat that stays in place

If you want your dog’s dinner to feel like a gourmet meal at a five-star restaurant, invest in this stainless steel dog bowl set, and you’ll have the kitchenware to match. Each bowl is made of durable stainless steel that’s completely dishwasher safe, and you can choose between four convenient sizes to secure the bowl that’s right for your dog. The best part? Your new bowls come with a skid-resistant silicone mat, which features a raised edge to keep food and water firmly in place (and off your floors).


This donut dog bed that’s made of a super soft plush to calm anxiety

If your pup tends to have trouble falling asleep at night, give this donut dog bed a try; it’s made of a super soft plush material that calms anxiety and promotes restful sleep (for both of you). Its ergonomic design helps to support their head, neck, joints, and spine for maximum comfort and healthy sleep. The secret to its soft texture is its shaggy faux fur lining, which promotes a strong sense of calm. Plus, it’s lightweight and portable, so you can take it on the go to give homesick pets the feeling that they’re safe at home in any hotel room or Airbnb.


A pet-proof window screen replacement that’s incredibly easy to install for your pet’s safety

Use this pet-proof window screen replacement on its own or as a reinforcement for the screen you already have; either way, it’ll keep your space ventilated and your dog safe. It’s made of a flexible and durable polyester mesh that won’t crinkle, crease, or unravel over time, and you can install it just like you would any fiberglass screen. Not only will it keep pets and animals in (and out, if you’d like to send a message to your neighborhood raccoons), but it’ll ward off pesky bugs and insects, which can make a huge difference when the weather gets warm.


This interactive snuffle mat that promotes slow feeding & stimulates your pup’s brain

The next time you’re working from home and you have an important meeting, reduce the possibility of your dog barking with this interactive snuffle mat, which stimulates their brain to keep them engaged while you do your thing. Simply sprinkle their favorite dry food or treats over the mat, and they’ll have an absolute blast searching and digging since the mat’s texture mimics the look and feel of the grass they might find in the great outdoors. Plus, it promotes slower eating, which encourages healthier digestion to improve your pup’s gastrointestinal health and overall mood.


These lavender-scented waste bags made from extra thick material to keep your hands clean

Keep your hands clean with these lavender-scented poop bags, which feature an extra thick design for maximum hygiene every time you take your best friend on a walk. They’re incredibly easy to tear off, open up, and tie securely, streamlining the process of picking up after your pet, and they’re completely leakproof, so you can trust that any waste you pick up will stay securely in the bag. When you buy, you’ll receive a whopping 540 bags, so you’ll hardly ever have to repurchase, and you’ll appreciate each bag’s light lavender scent, which offsets any unwanted scents you might experience when your pup does their business.


This portable pet playpen with a built-in window & cozy, washable mattress

The next time you take a trip to the beach or park, bring this outdoor pet playpen along, and you’ll keep dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes safe and entertained while you and your loved ones frolic. It comes with a washable mattress and a mini window for cleanliness and air circulation, and it makes a fantastic alternative to cramped and uncomfortable crates, thanks to its soft, lightweight material. You’ll be able to assemble it in a matter of seconds with its pop-up and release technology, which lets you set it up and take it down with just one motion.


This nonslip splash pad for serious (& safe) sprinkler fun with your pup

Sprinklers and pools can cause slips and spills, which is why this nonslip splash pad makes such a smart investment for pups and kids who want to play safely in the water. It’s made of a thick and durable material that resists scratching, no matter how sharp your pup’s nails may be, and it’s BPA-free to minimize the microplastics you and your family encounter on a daily basis. Simply hook up hoses and sprinkles to the water inlet at the bottom of the splash pad, and you’ll find that its enlarged tube can hold way more water than you might have expected.


This interactive slow feeder toy with tons of puzzles for your pup to solve at dinnertime

With this interactive slow feeder toy, your dog’s experience at dinnertime will be just as fun as it is healthy, since it keeps their brains engaged while they eat at a balanced pace. Simply fill the bowl in the middle with their favorite food and press down on its transparent lid; food will fall into the various boxes and compartments, leaving it up to your pet to sniff out the delicious treats they love. Pets will appreciate its eight different lids, some of which they can flip up and down and some of which they can slide back and forth to stay entertained in multiple ways.


This adorable plush toy with hidden squirrels to keep your dog busy for hours on end

If your dog loves to solve a good puzzle, they’ll seriously enjoy this adorable plush toy, which comes equipped with multiple plush squirrels for them to seek and find to their heart’s content. All you have to do is fill the tree trunk with the six squeaky squirrels that come with your purchase, and your dog’s hunting instincts will kick right in, keeping them engaged and entertained while they search for each and every one. Plus, this toy is incredibly gentle on teeth and gums, making it an excellent choice for any pup who might be experiencing dental sensitivity.


A multicolored snuffle ball to stimulate & engage your dog’s sharp sense of smell

Hide your pup’s favorite treats in this multicolored snuffle ball, and they’ll tap into their incredible sense of smell to find their food and snack away to their heart’s content. Each ball comes with a convenient storage bag that allows you to take it conveniently from place to place, even if you’re traveling, and it’s made of a nontoxic polar fleece material that’s gentle enough for dogs with sensitive teeth and gums. When your pet has officially found each and every hidden treat, you can simply toss this ball in the washing machine for an easy, hassle-free clean and get back to playing.


This 5-pack of stretchy crinkle toys with the cutest designs you’ve ever seen

This five-pack of stretchy crinkle toys makes a great purchase not only for its major fun factor, but for its adorable animal designs, which will make you and your pet smile each and every time you play together. Because they’re not made with any stuffing, you won’t have any fluff or fuzz to clean up, and their elastic design stretches up to 16 inches, so you and your pup can play a lighthearted game of tug. Your dog will also love the squeaky toys inside each one, which make an engaging, exciting noise that’ll perk up their ears and let them know they can come and play.


An interactive soccer ball that your dog can easily carry by themselves

This interactive soccer ball is uniquely designed with multiple straps that let your pup carry it from place to place, so even pets can get involved with all your family soccer games. It’s made of the exact same material as the other soccer balls you know and love, so it’s just as bouncy, durable, and waterproof, and it comes with a pump and a needle adaptor for an incredibly easy inflation process. Your dog will especially appreciate the textured design of the straps, which makes them easier to pick up and fetch.


This fuzzy interactive plush that shakes, wiggles, & barks

This fuzzy interactive plush makes a litany of engaging noises and wiggles around to catch and keep your pet’s attention when they’re ready to play. When you’re ready to activate their new toy, all you have to do is pull out its tab and give it a shake, and it’ll immediately start vibrating and making noise; when you roll it or throw it, you’ll find that it reacts accordingly, which your pup might just love. No matter what age, breed, or size your dog may be, they’ll appreciate this toy, since it’s universally designed to stimulate dogs and keep them busy for the best playdate ever — just ask the 15,000 Amazon customers who gave it a five-star rating.


This highly rated dog toy that bobbles around & dispenses treats

Bring this adjustable treat dispensing toy in the car or to your next destination for never-ending fun while you travel, or keep it in the living room for a reliably engaging activity at home. It’s equipped with a dual chamber that dispenses their favorite dry food and treats, which adds an exciting incentive that takes play time to the next level; it’s large enough to fit an entire meal, so if your dog tends to inhale their food, this toy can help them slow down a bit. Plus, you can adjust its openings to customize its difficulty, so the better your dog gets at retrieving their treats, the harder you can make the process, which ensures they’ll be continually challenged in the best way possible.


This veterinarian-approved bully stick holder that prevents choking for safer chewing

This veterinarian-approved bully stick lets your pup play with their favorite toy minus the choking risk; it’ll tightly secure sticks of all shapes and sizes for healthier chewing and maximum safety at playtime. Just insert a bully stick, twist the tightening screw to lock it into place, and let your dog chew away; they’ll have the time of their lives, and you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with preventing unnecessary trips to the vet. It’s made of a tough and durable nylon material that’s incredibly lightweight, so it’ll be easy for you to carry from place to place, and because it’s BPA-free, you can buy with confidence.


This chicken-scented rope that’ll become their new favorite toy

Dog toys offer so much more when they’re scented — like this rope chew that has a chicken scent that’ll encourage dogs to play. If chicken isn’t your dog’s favorite, have no fear — this rope comes in scented varieties from sweet potato to cheddar cheese. It’s easy to sanitize in the dishwasher if it gets a bit too slobbery, and is great for power chewers.


This memory-foam-packed chew toy for games of fetch on land & in water

Use this amphibious chew toy to host an aquatic fetch tournament in any pool, beach, or lake, and you’ll have the showdown of a lifetime. The competitors? You and your four-legged friend. It’s made of lightweight memory foam and features a securely knotted rope toy on top that gives you just the right amount of grip; with its durable construction, it’ll withstand enthusiastic chewing for years of aerobic play to come. Plus, it’s unbelievably easy to clean; all you have to do is rinse it off, and you and your pet will be ready for round two (or three, or four).

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